Radiant Floor Heating is a Smart Choice for Residential Homeowners

Ensuring energy efficiency is a primary concern for homeowners updating or replacing their home heating system. Choosing the wrong system can be a huge waste of both energy and finances, not to mention compromising your family’s comfort within the household.

Energy Savings

In comparison to forced-air heat systems, radiant flooring systems can cut costs via duct losses. A forced-air system must force the air through a homes entire ductwork system. Radiant floor heating systems do not rely on ductwork, therefore eliminating problems such as duct leaks, debris clogs, or reduced air circulation which leads to cold rooms and higher monthly energy bills.

Consistent Heating

Depending on the setup of the home’s HVAC system, it can leave cold spots or zones that do not heat well. Radiant heating uses convection, not forced air, to move warmth around each room. This provides an even heat, keeping the floor and entire area warm. Your family will definitely feel the difference!

Allergy Reduction

Energy savings is not the only benefit of a ductless heating system. Like the name implies, radiant floor heating runs under the floor and radiates heat directly through it and into your home. This decreases air movement in your home by eliminating ducts, and the air forced through them, therefore lowering the number of allergens.

Common household allergens include dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and pet hair/dander. Recirculated air that is not filtered properly spreads these allergens throughout the home, causing reactions that range from skin irritations to asthma attacks.

While a radiant heating system will not completely eliminate every indoor allergen, this under-the-floor alternative can improve air quality.

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